The L-A Pilots Club's Basic Approach

The L-A Pilots Club is comprised of members ranging from newly minted VFR pilots to those who've logged thousands of hours. 


Quality Aircraft

The L-A Pilots Club strives to provide it's members with well maintained, quality aircraft at affordable rates. 


Great Airport

Auburn-Lewiston Airport (KLEW) is a conveniently located class E airport with multiple instrument approaches and large, well-lit asphalt runways. Unlike some congested general aviation fields, KLEW is relatively quiet, meaning you won't be crowded out of the pattern or find yourself waiting for ten minutes to take off behind a long line of departing aircraft.

High Standards

Well maintained IFR aircraft:
LAPC meticulously maintains  it's aircraft to night IFR capable standards.

Convenient Scheduling

The club aircraft can be conveniently scheduled at anytime, day or night, from any computer or mobile device with internet access. 


Meet like minded people interested in affordable, safe, and fun flying. Flying Club members typically include pilots that range in experience from newly minted VFR pilots to those with thousands of hours and ATP certificates.

Educational Experiences

The airport terminal has internet access for flight planning and a lounge where members can meet and talk with other pilots or fellow members. 


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