Basic Approach

Better airplanes at a lower cost:
The L-A Pilots Club strives to provides its members with the lowest rates in the area. This is made possible by sharing expenses with other pilots, so we can all afford to fly a well-equipped newer plane. By charging ourselves monthly dues to cover our overhead costs for the airplane loan, insurance, and hangar rent, we can get our hourly rate as low as possible, while still setting aside adequate maintenance reserves. Believe us—this is a lot cheaper than owning an airplane by yourself.

If you average two flight hours or more per month L-A Pilots Club (LAPC) is an excellent value. At LAPC you get an airplane that you can actually carry passengers in with night-IFR instrumentation for $95/hr. TACH (not HOBBS) Time.
Compare prices for yourself. Please let us know if you find any lower.


Excellent insurance:
Included in the club membership is a million dollars of liability insurance for each aircraft with a reasonably low deductible. Some FBOs make you carry your own insurance and many have large deductibles that the renting pilot is liable for. Have you actually checked your insurance?


Excellent Airport:
Auburn-Lewiston Airport is a conveniently located class E airport with multiple instrument approaches and a large, well-lit concrete runway. Unlike some congested general aviation fields Auburn-Lewiston is relatively quiet i.e. you won't be crowded out of the pattern or waiting for ten minutes to take off behind a long line of planes on departure – which is common at PWM, for example.


Well maintained IFR aircraft:
How often have you spent a long planning and preflight session only to discover that a required piece of equipment on your rented plane was inoperative?  LAPC meticulously maintains all of it's airplanes to night IFR capable standards.


Easy Internet or telephone scheduling:
You can schedule an airplane at any time, day or night, any computer/mobile device with internet access.
No more driving to the FBO or trying to get a hold of someone after hours to make last minute changes to your flight schedule.


Extended scheduling:
Club members are able to take extended trips with the aircraft. There is not a minimum flight-time for reservations of over 24hrs. Trips longer than 7 days and to Canada can be accommodated. 


Educational experience:
The airport terminal has internet access for flight planning and a lounge to hang out and talk with other Pilots or fellow members. Club activities/meetings are often devoted to aviation topics and cover a variety of subjects. 


Join a club with like-minded people interested in affordable, safe and fun flying. Flying Club members typically include Pilots that range in experience from newly Licensed to those with thousands of hours and Airline Transport Pilot certificates.