Shine&Dine 2019 - Spring Edition

Our spring edition of Shine&Dine 2019 came off without a hitch, and a good time was had by one and all. The fickle weather we’ve been having lately cooperated enough for us to kick it off on Friday morning with a brisk scrubbing and a mostly controlled hosing off. Lee brought buckets, rags, and other assorted  implements of destruction,  and with many hands at the ready, the whole thing was rinsed and dried off well before noon. Once the plane was back to the hanger and buttoned down, it was off to Mike’s Runway Diner for lunch and entertaining conversation.


We gathered again on Saturday morning for a little wax on and wax off, powered by some pretty tasty doughnuts, courtesy of Jason (oddly, a couple of doughnuts were missing from the box by the time it arrived...hmmm ;-). New Members, Jason (who’s working on his instrument rating) and  Linda (who’s just getting started with primary training) were in attendance, as well as Lee, David, Len, Geoff and his wife Nadine, Maria, Indu, and Niles. Jason’s son and future pilot, Eben did a particularly good job of finding and polishing out all of those sneaky little spots we’d missed!


When the job was done, wheels chocked, and the control locks in place, we fired up the grill, and were treated to some of the best burgers and brats I’d ever had (complements to Dave, the grill-master of the day, and Maria for bringing brats and some pretty tasty German mustards!). In addition to the great food, we traded some interesting stories, and heard all about Maria’s involvement in the Maine chapter of the 99s, an international organization of women pilots, founded by Amelia Earhart in 1929, and celebrating it’s 90th anniversary this year. What a great organization!


Stay tuned for the next Shine and Dine coming to a hangar near you at the end of this summer!

Safe flying everyone!