Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I become a member?
As a new member, the Flight Supervisor will give you an orientation session at the airport to make sure that you know where everything is and understand the procedures the Club uses for reservations, taking and returning aircraft and any other general information you will need. If you are already a pilot, you must be checked by a Club instructor in each type of aircraft you wish to fly prior to serving as PIC.

How likely is it that I would find an aircraft available when I want it?
If you know well in advance when you will need the aircraft, there is rarely any problem in reserving one; you can have several advance reservations at any time. A reservation can be for any period from one hour to a week, and there is no limit to the number of flying hours within that period. If you prefer to fly at very short notice, just view the Club Reservation Calendar to see what time slots are available, and make a reservation.

Do I need to purchase my own insurance coverage? What coverage does the club carry?

The club carries insurance on all the aircraft and club members. The limit of liability on aircraft will be a $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit for bodily injury and property damage (with passenger liability sub-limited to $100,000 each person). This is provided free to you as part of your membership.  LAPC works with an Insurance broker to shop nationwide for the best coverage at competitive rates.  For most purposes, you will not need any additional coverage.


If you are renting in the area, be aware that you are exposing yourself to a $50,000-$100,000+ liability if you destroy one of their airplanes.  Typical FBO coverage covers only the FBO and provides no liability coverage to you, the renter.  And, they definitely will come after you for their $2,500 - $5,000 deductible.  In fact, if you rent anybody's plane, be sure to consider having renter's insurance to cover you.  None of this is needed if you are just flying LAPC planes.


Are the aircraft hourly rates "wet" (includes fuel) or "dry" (you pay for fuel)?
All our hourly usage rates are "wet"; that is, the rate includes the fuel you use.

Members save, compared to renting from an FBO, because they are charged by the time on the Tach, not the Hobbs.

How does Tach time compare to Hobbs time?
In general, the lower the RPM of the engine, the lower the Tach time will be relative to the Hobbs time. Typically, the tach time will be 75% to 95% of total elapsed time. This can save you up to 25% off real time; depending on how hard you run the engine! If you throttle back and save some gas (that the club is paying for) then you save money.  


A 2 hour flight for example:  Since typically, 2 hrs HOBBS is approximately 1.5 hrs on the TACH, @ the $95/hr “Club” wet rate, this flight would be $142.50
Renting a comparable plane @ $140/hr  HOBBS rental rate would be $280.

How is the L-A Pilots Club aircraft maintained?

The maintenance for each aircraft is performed by FAA certified A & Ps who have the knowledge and training to keep our planes airworthy and in excellent condition. When allowed by Federal Aviation Regulations, some routine maintenance work is actually performed by club members if they wish to have hands on aircraft maintenance experience. As a member, you will have an opportunity to assist the director of maintenance and learn more about the planes you will fly.

Are there restrictions on where and when I may fly?
In general, most flight requirements can be accommodated. There are, however, Club rules concerning: night flight, flights over water, flights over foreign land, approved airports, and trips longer than one week. The Club’s Operating Rules should be consulted for additional information.